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Following on from last week’s message [Unsearchable Mysteries – Fish and Birds] we will continue our journey through The Unsearchable Mysteries Series.

At the beginning of time itself, the Eternal One through His Eternal Voice, by His Eternal Spirit, created the heavens and the earth. It was spectacular, beautiful and good. 

The Eternal One filled His creation with light and separated the waters on the earth to create the sky above and the seas below. Dry ground emerged and seed bearing vegetation sprung up. A mist went up from the ground and watered the face of the earth. It was lush and filled with a vast array of life. Exactly three time spans after light was created, the governing lights over night and day, time and seasons were placed across the heavens. The Eternal Father, the Eternal Voice and the Eternal Spirit, together as one, exactly three time spans after they created the sky above and the seas below, filled them with life.

The Eternal One had planted a garden in His beautiful creation. It was a sanctuary of peace and goodness, pure and perfect. Into this beauty the Eternal One breathed His breath of life. 

From the earth living creatures were brought forth. Each according to its own kind. The Eternal One saw everything that He had created and it was good.  

crown of creation ruling and reigning

Then the Eternal Father, the Eternal Voice and the Eternal Spirit said, ‘Now it is time for the crown of our creation. One that will know the sound of our heartbeat, reflect our oneness of equality and have our image. A human family, both male and female we will create. So they will be the recipient of our love and join with us in the tender care and close attention of our perfect world.’

So out of the dust of the ground the Eternal One created man and breathed the breath of life into humanity. Exactly three time spans after the Eternal One created the dry ground and seed bearing plants for food, the Eternal One created all the animals. 

The Eternal One gave a beautiful gift of His creation to humanity. A place to be together with the Eternal One, immersed in His presence, love and His creation. This was to be a place to simply delight in each other, in just being together, surrounded by beauty, awe and wonder. 

Out of His perfect unending love, the Eternal One through His Eternal Voice, by His Eternal Spirit, created the seen and unseen world. In amongst all the majesty and splendour, He intimately breathed life into humanity. To walk together in the cool of the evening, immersed in a pure and perfect love. 

Out of adoration the Eternal One equally blessed both the male and female of humanity. This blessing was an  honouring of them both. An honouring that was all because He so loves. 

The Eternal One through His Eternal Voice said, ‘Be fruitful and multiply. Take care of My creation and in My love rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air and every creature that moves across the earth.

everything needed is given

I have given every creature, everything that was needed to thrive before it was needed. I have done the same for you. Now I give it all to you. I the Eternal One honour you, because I so love you.’

The Eternal One saw everything that He had made and indeed it was very good. Humanity was given the right to rule and reign over all the plants and all the animals. To live in the freedom, identity and perfect love relationship with the Eternal One and His creation.

As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual, as the Eternal One created all things.

In the spiritual, the Eternal Voice and the Eternal Spirit reveal the unsearchable mysteries of the Eternal One. Once again the Eternal Voice uses His natural creation to reveal a deep spiritual truth. For He created humanity to rule and reign in life, as His crowning glory. 

Out of His great love He gave humanity free choice. To be one with the Eternal and eat freely of the tree of life. Or to be one with good and evil and as a result activate evil and their selfish desires into this world. Effectively giving evil and their selfish desires power to rule and reign over this world. 

Sadly humanity chose to be one with both good and evil and at that moment everything changed. Death, inequality, selfish desires and shame entered into what was once a perfect world.

Yet the Eternal Voice who in a moment in human history walked the earth as a man. Lived, died, rose and ascended back into heaven speaks light into this darkness. ‘I am the ultimate power and authority. I have defeated death, disarmed the powers and judged evil.

ruling and reigning in surrender

As you have receive Me, you are one with Me. I give you the right to rule and reign together with Me. 

Know this. It is because I love you that I honour you and give you everything of Me. You have the right to condemn the lies of the evil one and expose their deceptions with My truth. 

In the daily journey, surrender your selfish desires and receive more of Me. As you surrender you break the power of the selfish desires to control and manipulate to get what they want. Remember as you surrender you receive from Me. You are innocent and free in Me.

I give you the right to push back the kingdom of darkness in My love, truth and power. In My authority and strength you are to do this. For you are My disciple and crowning glory.

In receiving Me you testify to the powers of Me and the Eternal One. Just by receiving Me, you are part of the Eternal One’s perfect salvation and healing plan. By receiving Me you testify of My wonders to the powers. For I am Jesus, the Eternal Voice who became human, lived, died, rose and ascended on high. All My crowns of victory and the right to rule and reign in this life I give to you.’

such love

Your doubts and thoughts are overwhelmed by such love and commitment. Again the Eternal One breaks through your thoughts.

He speaks directly to you. ‘I am the Eternal Voice and I give My crown of righteousness to you. That is My rightness, true justice of equality and respect and declare you innocent. For I have paid the cost for you. The cost of all the offences ever said, thought or done. As a result you are passed from judgement because you have received Me. I am the Eternal Voice, who is right and just. Remain, dwell, rest and stand in My truth that I declare of you. Be at rest in Me.’

His truth goes deep. To think that the creator of heaven and earth and all things good declares you innocent and raises you up equal with Him is truly amazing. Such love unconditional and favour underserved. For this is the heart of the Eternal One and He gives His all to you. 

Again the Eternal Voice interrupts your thoughts. ‘I am the Eternal Voice and I give My everlasting crown of life to you. For I am the king of all kings, the first and the last. I am He who lives and was dead, and behold I am alive forever more. As the Lord of your destiny, I give you My crown of victory over death. 

Throughout this life journey many troubles are there. But fear not for I have overcome the world. When I return, you will receive your glorified body. A body that never gets sick, never wears out and never die. But until then, I have given you My Eternal Spirit within you, to guarantee your inheritance.’

ruling and reigning in honour

Again His words go deep. The Eternal One who through His Eternal Voice and by His Eternal Spirit filled the earth with life of abundance, honours you.

‘I am the Eternal Voice and I give My crown of glory to you. Together with our Eternal Father we are one. I am in you and you are in Me. This life journey is to live in the reality of My oneness with our Eternal Father in heaven. Know that it is the same love that the Father loves Me with, and I love Him with, that we love you with give to you. As you are joined with Me, you are joined with others who are joined with Me. Together each one shares equally in Me and My kingdom. 

Behold I am coming back and your aging body will be transformed as was My body. Where you will receive My glory, your resurrected glorified body that never gets sick, never wears out and never dies. All of the Eternal kingdom, power and glory belongs to Me, yet I share it all with you. For this is the will of our Eternal Father. All things will come under My right to rule and reign.’

You are overwhelmed. How could all this possibly be? 

Again the Eternal One knowing your thoughts speaks intimately and personally to you. 

‘I am the Eternal Voice and I give My crown of rejoicing to you. You are now a citizen of heaven. Every time anyone receives Me, all heaven rejoices. When you received Me, all heaven rejoiced over you. For once you were lost and now you are found. Once you were blind but now you see. Together with all of heaven you will rejoice in Me.’ 

hope for today and tomorrow

You realise that the Eternal One, the Eternal Voice and the Eternal Spirit have given you everything of themselves. Everything you need to rule and reign in this life and the next. 

Hope for today and hope for tomorrow. 

Hope for today living in the reality of victory over selfish desires and the lies and deceptions of the evil one. 

Living in the fullness of a continual love feast with the divine, in this world damaged by evil. With a renewed relationship of intimacy, awe and wonder. At rest in the unsearchable mysteries within the storms of this life. As nation raises against nation and tribe against tribe, together we await the return of the king of all kings. 

He is coming back and will carry us home. Again His gentle whispers breaks through your thoughts.

‘I am Jesus, The Eternal Voice. Behold I am coming back for you. I personally will carry you home. To live in paradise with Me and our Eternal Father. Where there is not only the tree of life, but a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal that flows from our throne. Either side of the river the tree of life will continually yield fruit. Each and every month for all eternity. The leaves of the tree will benefit the nations of the earth and are there to bring healing. 

In this new heaven and new earth of an eternal paradise in future time, there is no more curse, no evil, no sickness, no death, no darkness, no fear, no sorrow, no shame. Everything in is in perfect harmony, restored and renewed into My character.  This is not just a restoration of the beginning, but is greater than ever before. 

tree of life forever

You shall eat freely in your glorified state of the tree of life and feast on a never ending supply of eternal nourishment. 

In My paradise of eternity you will see the ultimate glory of the Eternal. You will see the Eternal One face to face. In His divine presence together with you will be all those who have also chosen Me. It will be a celebration of great rejoicing. You will lay down your crowns before Me in awe and wonder. 

Therefore you will live with Me forever in the intimate world of the Eternal One who created heaven and earth and all things good. We have personally and intimately brought your salvation to its final glory and eternal state. You will rule and reign together with all who have received Me, forever and ever and ever. Living in the midst of My paradise of life, love, light and freedom.

Finally you are My chosen one. Out of My great love for you I honour you. By receiving My right to rule and reign, you have received My Eternal Spirit within. You are my crowning glory. I have raised you up out of the dust of the earth, to rule and reign with Me. To walk together in the cool of the evening and carry you through the heat of the day.


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