kingdom of God teachings

God’s love revealed in Jesus is perfected when we know and experience living in Him. jesus loves : the world kingdom of God teachings reveal God and His eternal plan.

The image of the Kingdom of God is an important one for understanding the message and ministry of Jesus and the role of His disciples in His healing mission.

The King and the kingdom of God are eternal and one. Receive the King and receive His kingdom. Reject the King and reject His Kingdom. His Kingdom is a place of equality and respect, truth and justice, peace and harmony, restoration and healing, freedom for the captives and liberty for the oppressed. Jesus brings this reality here on earth into this world damaged by evil.

The King of glory became one of us, so we could become one in Him. That is be free from the bondage of death, evil and selfish desires. The position of victory is in surrender of self will to that of God’s will. In surrender, daily immersed in His presence, He transforms our heart and mind to be more like Jesus. As a result we bear much fruit to the glory of the Father.

Therefore through transformed hearts and minds see Jesus’ commandments are actually promises He fulfils.

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