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teaching videos and short messages

Short resource videos that empower the viewer to grow in a greater revelation of God’s truth, love and power, whilst living in this world damaged by evil. Watch to discover the secret of success in life and ministry, the true identity of those in Christ and what real love is. Titles include: The Secret of Success, Who Am I? and Love Is…


Secret of Success

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Who Am I ?



Love Is…


kingdom of God discipleship program online

The Kingdom of God Discipleship Program is a journey of discovery, providing the opportunity to come into a greater knowledge of God and His kingdom. As a result, participants are empowered to live in His truth, experience His love and be transformed in His power.

Kingdom of God Discipleship Program Odia Language

KoGDP Video Odia


good news storybooks online

The Good News Storybook Video Series (Hindi) is now available. The narration, singing, dancing, illustrations and closing prayer are by indigenous children.

Out of the Darkness is a short video sharing about the Good News Storybook Project. Many lives have been transformed through this project. Listen to both the children and teachers’ testimonies of how God is working in the darkest of places.

Good News Stroybook Video Series Hindi

GNS Video Series



Out of the Darkness

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kingdom of God seminars

These kingdom of God videos reveal deep spiritual truth that empowers each participant to live in the reality of His kingdom.

The Kingdom of God Training is specifically designed to train others to effectively engage with children and help them fulfil their God given right to know their Creator’s love for them.

Kingdom of God Training Video Hindi

kingdom of God training