sermon topic : experience God

living water in the heat of the day

The players of this drama are Jesus a Jew and a Samaritan woman. Prejudices and shame govern society. She thirsts and is alone. Then Jesus walks into her loneliness with Living Water and everything changes.


the wonder of worship

Journey back into time, when God speaks to King Solomon, who is building a temple. Discover the wonder of worship, the meaning of the temple, the testimony of the tabernacle and the glory of the Lord, as individuals come together in unity of Spirit to worship the Living God.


the new thing

To cross over into the new thing their is an acknowledgement of the past and a letting go of the old ways. Letting go of trusting in formulas, strategies, thoughts and gifts given. In letting go we are transitioning from the past into the new thing. With God, the new thing is always greater than the former.