jesus loves : the world resources are free to download, print, copy and share. These resources are based upon profound spiritual truth and by the power of the Holy Spirit are transforming hearts and minds of all who are willing.

The participant grows in a greater knowledge of the glory of the Lord in Christ Jesus, empowered to reach others. Such is the Kingdom of God on earth in this world damaged by evil.

These resources are available in various heart languages using powerful illustrations for both the educated and uneducated to understand. Through personal experience the Kingdom of God is being realised.

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 Kingdom of God Discipleship Experience Resources Image

Discipleship Experience

No matter where you are in your life’s journey, there is always more with God. To be established in His truth, rooted in His love and transformed in His power is a daily journey. The Kingdom of God Discipleship Experience is specifically designed to be flexible around your lifestyle so that you can journey through at your own pace. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection. We invite you to join us on this journey and discover the deeper truth about God, ourselves and each other.



Discipleship Program

The Kingdom of God Discipleship Program is ideal for both youth and adults either in individual study or group gatherings. This discipleship program empowers the participant to discover deep spiritual truths, so by the power of the Holy Spirit are transformed in both heart and mind. Once completed each participant is empowered to lead others into a greater revelation of God sharing the program with others. Both the participant’s workbook and leader’s manual are available in 10 heart languages free to download and print.



Good News Storybooks

Through interactive learning the Good News Storybook Project shares the Gospel truth in revealing the love of the Creator God. The Good News Storybook 6 book series has stories simply told from the viewpoint of the newly literate reader. Using short sentences, repeated words and illustrations from indigenous children, the Good News Storybooks empower the powerless. The Program Manual and Storybooks are available in 9 heart languages free to download and print. To sponsor printing of the storybooks email [email protected]



Interactive Bible Studies

These Interactive Bible studies take the participant on a journey of discovery through various themes of God’s love story the Bible. As a result the participant gains a greater understanding of important key themes such as the Kingdom of God, leadership, the secret of success, the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the role of every disciple in His healing mission. Grow deeper in God and be empowered to live in the victory of Jesus in this world damaged by evil. Worksheets are available in 5 heart languages free to download and print.



Short Courses

These systematic Short Courses both empower and equip the participant with a methodology to reveal God’s intended meaning of His love story the Bible. In an easy to understand step-by-step format using illustrations and practicals, the participant discovers what influences meaning, leading to a greater understanding of the text. The Kingdom of God short courses include Interpreting Scripture, Bible Study Methods, Ephesians and the End Times. To register your interest in either in-field hosting or online participation Contact Us>



Children’s Programs

Designed specifically for children, these Children’s Programs use participatory techniques that include games, story telling, drama, action songs, object lessons and creative expression. Children have fun learning to develop their own creative gifts, whilst discovering the greater gift of love from their Creator. Through these programs, youth and adults are empowered to teach children effectively. Ideal for festival time or weekly activities. Titles include 7 Days, 7 Colours, Psalm 23, I AM and The Bible Picture Puzzle.



Videos Resources

Short teaching Videos that empower the viewer to grow in a greater revelation of God’s truth, love and power, whilst living in this world damaged by evil. Watch to discover the secret of success in life and ministry, the true identity of those in Christ and what real love is. Titles include: The Secret of Success, Who Am I? and Love Is… Out of the Darkness is a short video sharing about the Good News Storybook Project. These videos are free to broadcast, download and share. Subscribe to jesus loves : the world YouTube> Channel.



Gospel Dramas

The Bible is rich in drama. So what better way to reveal God to both young and old than through dramatic expression of the Bible, which is God’s love story to us. Experience the highs and lows of lead characters in their quest for power and the conflicts that arise between the forces of evil and good. These Gospel Drama scripts are free to download and share. Gospel Drama titles include: The Fiery Furnace, One Woman Who Dared to Believe, The Blindfolded Traveller, Don’t be Afraid and I Want to Go My Own Way.



Kingdom of God Seminars

God’s love revealed in Jesus is perfected when we know and experience living in Him. The image of the Kingdom of God is an important one for understanding the message and ministry of Jesus and the role of His disciples in His healing mission. These Kingdom of God Seminars empower each participant to discover deep spiritual truth and experience the living God. Through heart and mind transformation they can live in the fullness of Jesus’ victory, here in this world damaged by evil.



The Gospel Picture Book

As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual, as God created all things. The Gospel Picture Book takes the viewer on a visual journey of 7 truths revealed through the parallels of God’s creation and our relationship with our Creator. The communicator is equipped to teach each truth in an engaging way. The Gospel Picture Book themes are: Light out of Darkness, Water Essential for Life, How to Bear Fruit, Shine like Stars, Soar like Eagles, Sent to Heal In His Name and Enter His Rest.