God’s love revealed in Jesus is perfected when we know and experience living in Him. jesus loves : the world sermon messages reveal the Kingdom of God in heart language.

These sermon messages reveal deep spiritual truth and give a clear understanding of God’s word. They are transforming lives, renewing minds and providing a heart to heart connection with God.

It is God the Father’s heart that no one should perish. His saving purpose planned before the beginning of time is to gather together in one all things in Jesus under His rule and reign. As a result God restores peace and harmony to the universe. In Jesus, the Kingdom of heaven came into this world damaged by evil. Setting us free from the bondage of self, evil and death.

know and experience God

There is no greater worth than knowing Jesus as saviour and Lord, intimately and personally. The secret of success is in relationship with Him. Each day living in a continual heart and mind condition of surrender to the Father’s will, coming into His presence drinking the living waters, listening to Him. As a result the Holy Spirit produces the fruit. However it is a daily process. Every moment is an opportunity to grow closer to God and let Him produce the fruit. There is always more with God.

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the parable of the talents – perception

Throughout Jesus’ earthly ministry He revealed spiritual truths through stories or parables. In a private moment with Jesus His disciples asked, ‘When will be the sign of His coming and the end of the age?’ 


the unsearchable mysteries – light

In the spiritual, the Eternal Voice and the Eternal Spirit reveal the unsearchable mysteries of the Eternal One. Once again the Eternal Voice uses His natural creation to reveal a deep spiritual truth.


the unsearchable mysteries – water

Following on from last week’s message we will continue our journey through The Unsearchable Mysteries Series. Into the deep the Eternal One spoke. He said, ‘Let there be a vast expanse in the waters.


the unsearchable mysteries – fruit

It happened just as the Eternal Voice had said. The dry ground had produced seed bearing vegetation of all varieties to produce much fruit. Such care, beauty, provision and splendour was there.


the unsearchable mysteries – stars

Three time spans after the Eternal One spoke light into existence, He placed the lights in the heavens. The Eternal Father, the Eternal Voice and the Eternal Spirit, together as one created. It was an expression of love for us.


unsearchable mysteries series – fish and birds

The Eternal Father, the Eternal Voice and the Eternal Spirit, together as one, exactly three time spans after they created the sky above and the seas below filled them with life.


the unsearchable mysteries – man and woman – ruling and reigning

Then the Eternal Father, the Eternal Voice and the Eternal Spirit said, ‘Now it is time for the crown of our creation.


the unsearchable mysteries – cycle of rest

In the rhythms and cycle of work, the seventh time span was set aside for a special purpose. For it was a special time to cease from labour and celebrate all that He had done. 


sent to the one – the leper

Being sent to the one – we will go deeper into Jesus’ words that He declared when He was in His home town of Nazareth. His mission was and is to bring salvation and healing, honour and equality, eternal life and freedom.


consolidate – the word for this season

God’s final goal is uniting all things in heaven and earth in Christ Jesus. God chose to sum up the cosmos and restore peace and harmony to the universe through Jesus. It is in Jesus that we consolidate.


servant king

Jesus knows His time has come to leave this world and return to God the Father. He will carry the full force of human brokenness, depravity and shame. Suffer public humiliation, torture and pain. Through a total violation of all cultural boundaries He was about to demonstrate the love of the servant king.


students of the stars

The students of the stars had seen the sign of the coming of the greatest king of all. The one who would bring His eternal kingdom of life and light, deliverance and freedom, healing and forgiveness, love and peace, truth and justice, equality and respect. He’s greatest expression of God’s love.