Out of God’s great love He gives every disciple a part in His mission to reconcile, restore and renew all things to Himself. Jesus gives His authority to His disciples so that as they journey through this life, by His Spirit, they are witnesses of Him ‘making disciples’.

Jesus loves : the world projects focus on outreach and discipleship. The Kingdom of God Discipleship Program, the Kingdom of God Discipleship Experience and the Good News Storybooks reveal deep spiritual truths that equip and empower Jesus’ disciples to go do likewise.

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kingdom of God discipleship

Ideal for youth and adults, the Kingdom of God Discipleship Program and the Kingdom of God Discipleship Experience empowers the participant to discover deep spiritual truth, be transformed in both heart and mind, and lead others into a greater revelation of God. They are a journey of discovery about God, ourselves and each other.


good news storybooks

Through interactive learning the Good News Storybook Project reveals the love of God to children. The Good News Storybooks have stories simply told from the viewpoint of the newly literate reader. Using repeated words, short sentences and illustrations from indigenous children, the Good News Storybook project empowers the powerless.


‘I thought of giving up my life but when I joined the Kingdom of God Discipleship Program I then understood I’m not having a good relationship with God due to my spiritual life being dry. I decided to live life in God’s will. Now I can see great change in my family and life.’
Kingdom of God Discipleship Program Participant

‘Thank you for these books. The people wrote these books in story so we can share God’s word in easy way. They put down their heart feelings, the love of God they have shown through these books. Thank you to those kids to whom God used through these drawings.’
Usha, Aged 13. Good News Storybook Participant