gospel dramas

The Bible is rich in drama, so what better way to reveal God to both young and old than through dramatic expression of His own love story. Experience the highs and lows of lead characters in their quest for power and the conflicts that arise between the forces of evil and good. These gospel dramas are ideal for both young and old. The Gospel Drama titles include: The Fiery Furnace, One Woman Who Dared to Believe, The Blindfolded Traveller, Don’t be Afraid and I Want to Go My Own Way.

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gospel dramas-fiery furnace

Fiery Furnace

Script: English>

gospel dramas-one woman who dared to beleive

One Women Who Dared to Believe

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gospel dramas-blind folded traveller

Blind Folded Traveller

Script: English>

gospel dramas-don't be afraid

Don’t be Afraid

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gospel dramas-go my own way

I Want to go my own way

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