kingdom of God bible studies

These interactive Bible studies take the participant on a journey of discovery through various themes of God’s love story the Bible. As a result the participant gains a greater understanding of the Kingdom of God. Growing deeper in the revelation of His love, truth and power. Empowered to live in Jesus’ victory, in this world damaged by evil.

Workbooks of these Bible studies are available in various heart languages free to download and print.

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KoG Discipleship Program

The Kingdom of God Discipleship Program is a journey of discovery and empowerment, setting participants free in His truth, love and power.

Workbook: English> Hindi> Urdu> Swahili> Nepali> Telugu> Odia> Rongmei> Tamil> Kannada> Malayalam>

Leaders Manual: English> Hindi> Urdu> Swahili> Nepali> Telugu> Odia> Rongmei> Tamil> Kannada> Malayalam>

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The Secret of Success

Discover the secret of success in life and relationships. Listen to our jesus loves : the world podcast [English] The Secret of Success>

Teaching Video: English> Hindi>
Sermon PDF: English> Telugu>

Vine Handout: English> Hindi> Swahili> Vietnamese> Odia> Bengali> Telugu> Tamil> Rongmei> Workbook: English> Odia> Nepali> Bengali> Telugu> Tamil> Rongmei>

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KoG Leadership Development

Walk with Jesus and be trained by the master. Learn His leadership development model and discover what it takes to be a leader in God’s Kingdom. Be empowered to empower others to empower others for such is His Kingdom.

Leadership Development Outline>

Download Workbook: English> Hindi> Telugu> Tamil> Odia> Rongmei>

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KoG Study of Ephesians

Journey through the book of Ephesians and receive clarity of meaning on key themes such as the two spheres, relationships and power.

Download Workbook: English>

Download Leaders Manual: English>

Listen to the jesus loves : the world podcast [English] – Journey Through Ephesians: The Two Spheres> Relationships>

7 Letters to the 7 Churches

Unlock the mystery of the 7 letters to the 7 churches discovering the keys to interpreting the Revelation of Jesus.

Download Workbook: English>

Listen to the jesus loves : the world podcast [English] – 7 Letters Series: 7 Stars> First and Last> Two Edged Sword> Eyes as Fire> 7 Spirits> Holy and True> Faithful Witness>

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The Unsearchable Mysteries

These Bible studies reveal the parallels between God’s natural creation and our spiritual journey in this life and the next.

Workbook: English> Hindi> Odia>

Listen to the jesus loves : the world podcast [English] – Unsearchable Mysteries Series: Light> Water> Fruit> Stars> Birds and Fish> Rule and Reign> Rest>

Kingdom of God Discipleship Program

Power and Authority

Teaching that reveals the Kingdom of God in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His relationship with His church. Be empowered with the truth and live in His dominion over the self and evil.

Power and Authority Study Outline>

Download Workbook: English> Odia> Kannada>