God’s love revealed in Jesus is perfected when we know and experience living in Him. jesus loves : the world sermon messages reveal the Kingdom of God in heart language.

These sermon messages reveal deep spiritual truth and give a clear understanding of God’s word. They are transforming lives, renewing minds and providing a heart to heart connection with God.

It is God the Father’s heart that no one should perish. His saving purpose planned before the beginning of time is to gather together in one all things in Jesus under His rule and reign. As a result God restores peace and harmony to the universe. In Jesus, the Kingdom of heaven came into this world damaged by evil. Setting us free from the bondage of self, evil and death.

know and experience God

There is no greater worth than knowing Jesus as saviour and Lord, intimately and personally. The secret of success is in relationship with Him. Each day living in a continual heart and mind condition of surrender to the Father’s will, coming into His presence drinking the living waters, listening to Him. As a result the Holy Spirit produces the fruit. However it is a daily process. Every moment is an opportunity to grow closer to God and let Him produce the fruit. There is always more with God.

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He lives in you He lives in me

It is God’s heart’s desire, in fact His overwhelming delight to make His home in us. But most of all, that we be at home in Him. When we say yes to Jesus, yes to God, the Spirit of God dwells in us.


the ladder to heaven

God gave Jacob a dream. A dream like no other. It was rich in imagery, symbolism and meaning. First God reveals a ladder that was set up on earth, that then reaches up to heaven. This is an incredible detail and significant.


the arrival of the kingdom of God

Expectations were high, as their Messiah was in their midst. Prophecies and scriptures about the arrival of the Kingdom of God filled their minds. So they ask Jesus, when is the arrival of the kingdom of God?


touch of heaven – psalm 139

Today we are going to journey through a Psalm that is believed to be written by David. Through the highs and lows of David’s turbulent life, in the midst of all his stuff of his flesh, David knew that he could trust in God.


true freedom

Throughout history freedom has been the cry of both the oppressed and the oppressor. In the name of freedom battles have been fought and lives have been lost. Yet freedom, true freedom, is not something we can realise ourselves or obtain by effort. 


hidden treasure

Through both the Old and New Testament of God’s love story – the Bible, there are significant references to treasure. There are different types of treasure. For there is physical treasure, spiritual treasure, earthly treasure and treasures of the heart.


covenant of love sealed in blood

Today we will go back to the time when God, the Eternal One made a covenant of love that was sealed in blood. A covenant being a mutual, binding agreement or pledge of an alliance to each other. 


come unto me and receive rest

Jesus makes a powerful statement to all who are weary and overburdened with religion to come to Him and He will give eternal rest. Rest and deliverance from the debilitating, destructive forces of evil, death and judgement.


God’s healing and redemptive mission

The Spirit of God is a surging, rushing, relentless wild river of life. Of healing and equality, refreshing and sustaining, strengthening and flourishing, that flows direct from the throne of God through Jesus to us. 


the work of God

Having the compassion of God, Jesus stepped down into humanity’s darkness and shone His glorious light. He pushed back the darkness of false belief and religious striving, bringing revelation to the work of God and revealing His glorious light.


ring of fire

Today we will do something different. We are going to experience a real life drama from thousands of years ago, titled Ring of Fire. The players of this drama are, a king, his servants, three Hebrew men who were in exile and of course God. 


live by faith

In this new season God has told us to run fast. He has made us alive to thrive, where we are empowered to live by faith, trusting inn Him, regardless of circumstances. He is the one who leads us beside the still waters and gives us rest, even within the storms of this life.