what brings sorrow to the holy spirit?

The Holy Spirit dwells within all who receive and believe Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself. His Spirit is a spirit of oneness and unity. Ephesians 1:9-10 reveals God’s plan of oneness in Jesus. God is a relational God of love, harmony and peace. God cares about our relationship with Him and each other.

In Ephesians 4:25-32 the writer urges God’s people, do not bring sorrow to the Holy Spirit and give the evil one access. If God’s people are not willing to ‘give over’ or surrender their selfish desires of power and control to the Father’s will, they give the evil one access. They are living in bondage to their selfish desires. This causes disunity, inequality, domination and oppression of others. This brings sorrow to the Holy Spirit, destroys relationships and hinders the Spirit’s transforming work in God’s people.

victory in surrender

When God’s people live in a continual state of surrender to the Father’s will, daily immersed in His presence, the Holy Spirit transforms their heart and mind to become more like Jesus. This position of victory is surrender of self will to God’s will. This position of transformation is receiving all that God gives. As a result the evil one is denied access and unity is maintained. This brings joy to God.

holy spirit of unity

Therefore what God’s people choose to do either maintains the unity already given by the Spirit or brings sorrow to the Holy Spirit.

‘Peace cannot be gained or achieved. It is a gift from God for those who choose to receive.’ @ineverystep

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