what is judgement?

Jesus the Son of God, at the time appointed by God the Father, will return to earth and judge the living and the dead. God desires that all may know Him personally and be delivered from judgement. Therefore out of His great love, God Himself became the sacrifice. God the Father sent God the Son, who became flesh and blood, walked the earth as a man, revealed the love of the Father, and on the cross took upon His body all evil and all offences of humanity. Jesus paid the cost of all offences done against God and against each other. However the purpose of Jesus’ sacrifice was not only to release humanity from the slavery and consequences of these offences, but also to totally defeat evil and death for all eternity! Listen to the sermon perfect redeemer

who is free from judgement?

Yet in this life journey God gives each person a choice. Those who receive Jesus as saviour and King, have their identity and allegiance in Him. They are also free from judgment. However their works will be assessed as to whether they are of selfish desires or of the Spirit of God. All works from self have no eternal value. All works from the Spirit have eternal value and good fruit.

Those who reject Jesus as saviour and King, have their identity and allegiance in evil. In rejecting Jesus they are opposed to God come under judgment, having rejected the only way to be free from judgement.

Consequently those who receive Jesus are one with Him and free of judgment, entering into His eternal light and life. Those who reject Jesus are one with evil and exist in judgment, condemned to eternal darkness and death.

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