what is salvation?

Salvation is a gift from God to set humanity free. God Himself chose to become the eternal sacrifice. God the Father sent God the Son. His name is Jesus. God the Son became human, walked the earth as a man, revealed the love of the Father, and on the cross took upon His body all evil and all offences of humanity. In fact Jesus paid the cost of all offences done against God and against each other – past, present and future. Listen to the sermon behold the man!

Yet the purpose of Jesus’ sacrifice was not only to release humanity from the slavery and consequences of these offences, but also to totally defeat evil and death for all eternity!

who receives salvation?

All who receive and believe Jesus’ eternal flesh and blood sacrifice of Himself, receive His free gift of salvation. Saved from eternal death, judgement, guilt, and the consequences of all the offences done by humanity against God and against each other. In receiving Jesus having been born of Spirit are now made alive. In Christ Jesus they are empowered to rule and reign in this life over their selfish desires and all powers that stand against Jesus’ right to rule and reign. This is the inheritance in time now.

Also all who receive and believe in Jesus have a future inheritance. Which is an eternal state of living in a perfect resurrected bodies that will never age, never wear out and never die. Together with God they will live in a renewed world of love, peace and no evil.

When Jesus returns to the earth all who have received Jesus’ free gift of Himself, His flesh and blood sacrifice throughout human history, will inherit their perfect resurrected bodies.

Therefore God Himself in Christ Jesus became one of us, so that we can become one in Him. Listen to the sermon search for truth

‘Found in His love. Accepted as I am. Bound for eternity. In fullness of life. I’m changed forever. By the great I AM.’ @ineverystep

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