why is there evil?

God is the source of all things good. He created a perfect world where evil had no place. He created the first man and woman in His image. They were one with God – His goodness, life, love and peace. God gave the first man and woman equal dominion over the earth, giving them everything to live victoriously with Him in His perfect world.

power given to evil

God also gave the first man and woman the power of choice. The initial choice was to partake of life forever or to partake of the knowledge of good and evil. The first man and woman chose to partake of this knowledge. Both chose to be one with evil and good. Giving over their God given power to evil. As a result evil was activated into God’s perfect world. Since then humanity has been trapped. Becoming a slave to their selfish desires. Lost in darkness. This darkness is so heavy it can be felt.

However God in His great love became humanity’s deliverer from evil, selfish desires and death, restoring peace and harmony to the universe. Once again God gives humanity the power of choice. Evil is still in this world, yet God is working, even in the darkest places. God is gathering together in one all things, in heaven and earth, in Jesus, under His rule and reign.

When Jesus returns, the fullness of His Kingdom is realised. Heaven and earth will become one and evil will be totally eliminated. All who received and believed in Jesus’ eternal flesh and blood sacrifice will enter into an everlasting state of perfect resurrected bodies that never die. Together with God they will live in a renewed world of love, peace and no evil.

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