Who are saved?

Who are saved?

All who choose to receive and believe Jesus’ eternal flesh and blood sacrifice of Himself are saved.

They become a child of God, born of Spirit having received His Spirit within, destined for eternal life, and saved from evil, death and darkness. As a child of God whose identity is in Jesus, they will never be cast out. It is not possible for God to deny Himself.

In this life journey a child of God has a choice. To live in the victory Jesus died, rose and ascended into heaven to give in this world damaged by evil, or remain in bondage to selfish desires of the flesh. Read Why>

Those who falsely testify they have received Jesus yet have not, will be exposed. They are an enemy of God, having rejected Jesus.

Those who choose to reject Jesus and refuse to believe in His eternal flesh and blood sacrifice of Himself are not saved as they have rejected the only way to salvation. Having rejected Jesus their identity is in everything that opposes God and His Kingdom.

Those who reject Jesus are destined for eternal darkness, forever in bondage to evil and selfish desires.

‘Humanity without God is a virtual world of empty illusions void of reality, truth and life.’ @ineverystep

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