children’s programs

Designed specifically for children’s ministry, these programs use participatory techniques that include games, story telling, drama, action songs, object lessons and creative expression. Children have fun learning to develop their own creative gifts whilst discovering the greater gift of love from their Creator. Through these children’s programs youth and adults are empowered to teach children effectively. Each program has 7 sessions and is ideal for festival time or weekly activities.

7 Days

As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual, As God created all things. Through this program children discover the parallels between God’s natural creation and our spiritual journey.

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7 Colours

Journey back in time with a man called Noah, his family and all the animals. Themed on the 7 colours of the rainbow this creative program reveals the joy of walking the Creator God.

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Psalm 23 children’s program is an interactive journey that shows God as the good Shepherd. Through the relationship between a shepherd and their sheep the love of God is revealed.

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I Am

Through participatory learning children discover the meaning of Jesus’ I AM statements. Topics: The Light, The Bread, The Vine, From Above, The Good Shepherd and The First and Last.

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Bible Montage

This Bible Montage creates a Bible timeline of key events for children to learn. Download the design template for children to colour in and discover the important hidden word.

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