jesus loves

jesus loves : the world is a not for profit, volunteer based, Kingdom of God initiative. We conduct practical infield seminars training and empowering indigenous leaders, preaching in churches, teaching in Bible colleges and creating Kingdom of God resources in heart languages throughout the world.



the world

jesus loves : the world resources are free to download, print, copy and share. Based upon profound spiritual truth, by the power of the Holy Spirit, hearts and minds are transformed. The participant grows in a greater knowledge of the glory of the Lord in Christ Jesus, empowered to reach others. Such is the Kingdom of God.



lives transformed

#ineverystep is a biannual magazine that tells the stories of those whose lives have been transformed from the sermons, training, teachings and projects of this website. Journey together knowing that God is indeed in every step. This is His story in our story. A true love story.



kingdom on earth

God’s saving purpose planned from before the beginning of time is to gather together in one all things, in heaven and earth, in Christ Jesus. Established in God’s truth and rooted in His love, Jesus brings the reality of the Kingdom of God here on earth in this world damaged by evil.