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God’s love revealed in Jesus is perfected when we know and experience living in Him. jesus loves : the world seminars podcast reveal the Kingdom of God, so all who are willing may be established in His truth, rooted in His love and filled with the fullness of God.

kingdom of God seminars podcast

Jesus brings the reality of the Kingdom of God here on earth into this world damaged by evil. The image of the Kingdom of God is an important one for understanding the message and ministry of Jesus and the role of His disciples in His healing mission. His Kingdom is a place of equality and respect, truth and justice, peace and harmony, restoration and healing, freedom for the captives and liberty for the oppressed. Jesus brings this reality here on earth into this world damaged by evil.

Theses seminars empower each participant to discover deep spiritual truth and experience the living God. Through heart and mind transformation they can live in the fullness of Jesus’ victory, here in this world damaged by evil.

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