Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

Is Jesus a prophet or just a man, the saviour of the world or just a myth, the Son of the one true God or one of many gods? What if… He is God?

Imagine… Jesus the Son of God, the divine light, the very essence of God, the Lord of eternity and destiny, the prince of peace, the glory of God, the beginning and the end, the first and the last, gave up His heavenly riches and became a servant of human flesh and blood, sacrificed His life, rose from the dead in a resurrected glorified body, ascended into heaven, now at the right hand of the Father – still interceding, gave His Spirit to all who receive and believe in Him, and in time future will return and gather them together to Himself.

Is there a greater love?

God was, and is, and is to come, a relational God. God does everything out of love because God so loves. This love of God is a love beyond our own understanding. Even when we choose to reject His love, He still says, ‘I love you!’

Imagine… the powers of darkness and the evil spirits defeated. This is the time past reality of Jesus’ flesh and blood sacrifice of Himself. Imagine a world where darkness and the evil spirits are totally eradicated. This is the time future reality of the Kingdom of God when Jesus returns to the earth, a time when heaven and earth become renewed as one. Only God can do all this.

‘Behold the One His eyes like fire! Those who receive Him see His love, light. life. Those who reject Him see damnation, darkness, death.’ @ineverystep

Only Jesus. Only He.

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