What is the Kingdom of God?

What is the Kingdom of God?

The image of the Kingdom of God is important in understanding the message and ministry of Jesus and the role of His disciples in His healing mission. This image builds on those of kingly rule found in the Old Testament and is the fulfilment of end times prophecies.

Kingdom means both the right to rule and the territory or region that is subject to that rule. God means supreme deity.

First mention of the kingdom is in the New Testament. John the Baptist was anointed by God to prepare the hearts and minds of the people to receive the King.

The Kingdom of God is intricately linked to the King. Receive the King and receive His eternal kingdom. Reject the King and reject His eternal Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God is eternal. A place of equality and respect, truth and justice, peace and harmony, restoration and healing, freedom for the captives, and liberty for the oppressed. Jesus brings healing and restoration, renewal and transformation, and the power to rule over evil, sickness and death.

Jesus makes all that was promised throughout the Old Testament a reality in the New Testament and for all eternity.

When Jesus returns to this world, the fullness of His Kingdom will be realised. Heaven and earth will become one and evil totally eliminated. All who receive and believe Jesus’ eternal sacrifice of Himself will receive their perfect resurrected bodies. Bodies that never age, never wear out, and never die. Together with God will live in a renewed world of love, peace and no evil.

‘The Kingdom of God reigns in surrendered hearts for the will of the Father to be done.’ @ineverystep

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